The Best Kept Secret of the Fitness Industry

In 2013, I wrote this answer on Quora about the best kept secrets of the fitness industry. It’s been read more than 70,000 times and is one of my most read articles anywhere, ever. It also still applies 2 years later.

Fat Loss: How to Lose 20% of Your Bodyweight with Ease

Current dogma suggests that all you need to do is eat less and exercise more, or reduce your calories in and increase your calories out. Or maybe just blame carbs, that’s trendy these days… Sadly the communication between scientists in a lab and the general population has been drastically simplified and overblown to mean something it doesn’t necessarily mean: Count …

Why People Don’t Achieve New Years Resolutions

Goal Setting Process

As I write this, it’s almost the end of January. How many of you are still at your New Years resolution? According to stats from the University of Scranton about half of my US readership set a New Years resolution. 40% will have dropped off by the end of this week (the first month…)! Losing weight is the top resolution, while …

Should Food Really Be Compared to Crack?

Every now and then I get trolled by somebody on the interwebz, and while my girlfriend certainly notices that my mood changes when it happens, I’m certainly not completely averse to engaging in it.

Good Skills Trump Emotional Eating

I’ve received a number of questions revolving around emotional eating in the past couple of months, including a few detailed responses to various members of my newsletter (that I sincerely hope helped!). Whenever I notice a trend of emails or asks to answer on Quora, I generally take note. Truth be told, emotional eating is a very tricky subject for …

Will I Get ‘Bulky’ If I Lift Weights?

No doubt you may have guessed by now that I’m a big fan of weight training.  And not in the lift five pounds, fifteen times to get ‘toned,’ kind of way either… Quite simply put there isn’t a form of exercise out there that has so many upsides and so few downsides when you learn how to do it properly.

Why You Should STOP Doing Sit-Ups

(And what to do instead…) I don’t want to be an alarmist, I just want to start out by being honest today. I wish the ‘Crunch’ and ‘Sit-Up’ would mostly just die already. Like skinny jeans, they are dramatically overused and often inappropriate… If I see, or read the phrase, ‘try this awesome ab workout for that awesome six-pack‘ one …