Stop Being Perfect

As a recovering perfectionist, I feel comfortable saying this… Don’t beat yourself up about being perfect. Nobody who absolutely had to be ‘perfect,’ ever really accomplished anything worth accomplishing anyway. If you got through the rest of your life perfectly, where would the excitement lie?

The FUNdamentals of Sport

  The FUNdamentals of the sport of life as listed by the ‘Long Term Athlete Development Protocol.’ I’m a big fan of this stuff, Istvan Balyi is a researcher from the University of Victoria and has done a ton of work developing and implementing this plan for improving the physical culture and active lives of developed nations.

The Value of an Expert

How many of you have googled a topic on training or pain (maybe it’s low back pain, which 80% of you will experience at some point in your lifetime), and found a ton of information? How do you really make an informed decision based upon a google search? Read one article that suggests that tight hip flexors and weak glutes …

Are you Running or Training?

I’ve been curious for years about this, ever since I was an 8 year old kid running laps around the soccer field for practice. Can anyone honestly tell me, since when did running become ‘working out?’ Why do we relate running, swimming, rowing or cycling to ‘working out?’ I hate to point out the obvious here but it’s a sport, …

Gym Jargon: Training Notation (Part 1)

Training should be simple. Training should be simple. Training should be simple. Try saying that 10 times fast. When I analyze strength training programs not written by me, the first judgement is a look at the notation. Did the author use the standard notation?

What Is Well-Being?

This is a blog dedicated to enhancing your quality of life by teaching you skills. Quality of Life:‘the degree to which a person enjoys the important possibilities of his or her life’ I offer up blog posts randomly to provide you with knowledge, skills, habits and behaviors that hopefully inspire you into action. Action is after all the most important …